Adobe Presenter The Essentials


 "Adobe Presenter: The Essentials" teaches the core Adobe Presenter skills needed to create interactive eLearning content from your existing Microsoft PowerPoint presentations. You will learn how to create interactive soft skills eLearning. You'll learn how to add Characters, Scenes, images and videos. You’ll learn how to create voiceover scripts, record voiceover audio, import audio, and edit audio files. You'll learn how to publish your Presenter projects as SWF, PDF, and how to prepare and upload your content so that it will integrate with Learning Management Systems.


Course Outline


Lesson 1 – Presenter and eLearning  

 • Adobe Presenter’s Role in eLearning

 • Designing Slides Within PowerPoint

 • Fonts and Learning

 • Planning eLearning Projects

 • eLearning Budgeting Considerations

 • Scripts for Software Demonstrations

 • Storyboarding for Soft Skills


Lesson 2 - Presenter Basics

 • The Adobe Presenter Interface

 • Characters

 • Scenes

 • Explore an Existing Presentation

 • Insert a Character

 • Create a Scene

 Lesson 3 - Audio

 • Voiceover Scripts

 • Recording Voiceover Audio

 • Importing Audio

 • Editing Audio

 • Explore an Existing Presentation

 • Insert a Character

 • Create a Scene

 Lesson 4 - Video and Pictures

 • Slide Video

 • Sidebar Video

 • Pictures

 • Add a Flash Video to a Slide

 • Edit an Imported Video

 • Import a Sidebar Video

 • Import a Picture onto a Slide

 Lesson 5 - Interactive eLearning

 • Interactions

 • Scenario Interactions

 • Insert a Word Search Interaction

 • Manage a Slide

 • Create a Scenario Interaction

 • Create a Hyperlink

 Lesson 6 - Quizzing

 • Creating Quizzes

 • Add a Quiz

 • Insert a Graded Question

 • Add a Survey

 Lesson 7 - Reporting Data

 • Set Quiz Reporting Options

 • Create a Manifest File

 • Publish a Content Package

 • Create an LMS Account

 • Create an LMS Course

 • Attach a Lesson to a Course

 • Create an LMS Catalog

 • Attach a Course to a Catalog

 • Test an eLearning

 Course Lesson 8 - Finishing Touches

 • Themes

 • Settings

 • Managing Slides

 • Packaging

 • Apply a Theme

 • Customize a Theme

 • Edit the Presentation Settings

 • Add a Presenter

 • Modify Sidebar Presenter Info

 • Assign a Presenter to Slides

 • Create a Package


Length of Class: 
Two Day
Instructor-led or Online: