Creating a High Performance Team

Lesson 1: The Task of Building a Team
• The Value of Teams
• The Definition of Team
• Stages of Team Development
• Types of Teams
• The Language of Teams

Lesson 2: The Leader of Teams
• So, You're Going to Lead a Team
• Identifying the Team's Purpose
• Choosing the Best Team

Lesson 3: Creating the New Team
• Forming
• Constructive Storming
• Norming
• Performing
• Adjourning

Lesson 4: Fixing the Problem Team
• Re-Forming a Problem Team
• Constructive Storming
• Norming and Performing

Lesson 5: Revitalizing the Inactive Team & Creating the Virtual Team
• Revitalizing the Inactive Team
• The New Virtual Team
• The Intact Team

Length of Class: 
One Day
Instructor-led or Online: 
Companies have become increasingly complex—both geographically and operationally. Old top-down leadership styles need to be replaced with two-way communication and collaboration. Learn the specific tasks you'll need to orchestrate in order to lead teams successfully in today's organizations. Performance-Based Objectives: At the completion of this course you’ll know how to: • Diagnose the stage of your team’s development and use that information to guide your leadership strategy to bring the team to higher performance. • Continuously improve your leadership skills, select the right team members for the task, establish the team’s purpose, and ensure fit with the organization’s needs. • Lead your team through the stages of development to realize the successful performance required by the organization. • Lead a “problem team” or “broken team” to effective performance. • Revitalize a “tired team” and create a “virtual team.”