Database Development Using MySQL

Database Development Using MySQL

About this Course

This course introduces the student to the relational database model using MySQL based systems. Students will learn to design entity relationship diagrams using MySQL Workbench and then translate them to tables and other database objects. Other topics include Structured Query Language (SQL), normalization, stored procedures and triggers.

At Course Completion

At the end of this course students will be able to:

  • Understand and demonstrate the concepts of good relational database design.
  • Identify and utilize the components of a relational database.
  • Be able to define the parts of and work with all aspects of building tables and queries.
  • Install MySQL on a PC and utilize its functionality to build databases and tables on a live MySQL server.
  • Troubleshoot any installation and performance issues of MySQL.
  • Translate client business needs and business processes into an efficient database design.
  • Normalize a database to the 3rd normal form.
  • Develop and implement a simple stored procedure and trigger in a database.
Length of Class: 
Four Days
Instructor-led or Online: