Dynamic Mobile Development

Dynamic Mobile Development

About this Course

This course will emphasize client-side scripting with JavaScript as implemented in the major browsers available to users. It begins with a review of the principles covered in the Responsive Web Design course and continues with topics that complete the introduction to JavaScript. The course covers using the Document Object Model (DOM), managing events, objects and CSS to create dynamic Web applications.

At Course Completion

At the end of this course students will be able to:

  • Compare and contrast the use of server and client side scripting.
  • Demonstrate the use of CSS3, HTML5and JavaScript in Web Page construction.
  • Demonstrate the use of basic concepts of programming.
  • Use JavaScript with HTML5 and CSS3 to create interactive contents for the Web.
  • Understand the Document Object Model in developing dynamic web pages.
  • Use client-side cookies to demonstrate the development of saving data in Web applications.
  • Design and develop a dynamic responsive web site for a web-based business.
  • Communicate effectively during team project and web solution and proposal presentations.
Length of Class: 
Two Days
Instructor-led or Online: