Public Microsoft Office Classes

Microsoft Office 2010
These classes are offered to the public or to organizations sending a small number of students for a specific title. If you have a training need for a larger number of employees (e.g., more than three) a private class may make more sense for your organization.
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Microsoft Access

Microsoft Access Level 1
Microsoft Access Level 2
Microsoft Access Level 3
Access VBA Level 1 - Forms and Controls

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel Level 1
Microsoft Excel Level 2
Microsoft Excel Level 3
Maximizing PivotTables in Excel  
Useful Excel Formulas and Functions  
Amazing Macros  
Excel Dashboards  
Excel Tips and Tricks  
Excel VBA Level 1  
Excel VBA Level 2  

Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook Level 1
Microsoft Outlook Level 2

Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint Level 1
Microsoft PowerPoint Level 2

Microsoft Project

Microsoft Project Level 1
Microsoft Project Level 2

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word Level 1
Microsoft Word Level 2
Microsoft Word Level 3

Microsoft Visio

Microsoft Visio

Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft OneNote