Conducting Background Checks

Course Objective In this course you will learn how to conduct thorough and cost effective pre-employment background investigations. Hiring a new employee can have an impact on your business for decades --good or bad. You want to have employees that help your customers and your bottom line, but how can you tell who will be a good addition and who will lie, steal or become violent? This seminar, half day course, will help you learn and understand Course Outline Lesson 1: People and body language • Posture • Eye contact • Voice • Understanding personal traits Lesson 2: Interview techniques • Asking the right questions • Listening for the truth • Questioning references • Getting more answers • Dealing with expectations Lesson 3: Introduction to behavioral theories • Emotional intelligence • Micro-expressions Lesson 4: Using modern resources • Public record searches • Criminal justice records • Financial resources Lesson 5: Social media • Uses • Limitations • Current trends • Privacy and court issues

Length of Class: 
Half Day
Instructor-led or Online: