Microsoft SharePoint

SharePoint 2007 Operations
Course 50149 - Five Days - Instructor-led

This is a 5-day Instructor led, group-paced, classroom delivery learning model with a structured hands-on activities course. This includes integration with applications like IRM, ForeFront, and Performance Point. Learn the many ways to back up and restore SharePoint environments.


This course is designed for individuals who access information on a Windows SharePoint Team site or SharePoint site owners who are responsible for creating and managing a team website. This includes managers, developers, designers, and every day knowledge workers, anyone that uses SharePoint sites and lists on an everyday basis.


Before attending this course, students must have: 

  • Experience managing windows server environments. Understanding of database and web application architecture fundamentals.

Course Outline

Module 1: Introduction

Module 2: Overview

  • What’s new in SharePoint 2007
  • What is SharePoint?

Module 3: Installing

  • SharePoint Farms
  • Installing SharePoint

Module 4: SharePoint Architecture

Module 5: StsAdm

Module 6: SharePoint Services

Module 7: PowerShell

Module 8: Gerneral Operations Tasks

  • Master Site Directory
  • Alternate Access Mappings
  • External Service Connections
  • Language Packs
  • Email Settings
  • Features & Solutions
  • Migrating File Shares

Module 9: Information Right Management

  • Information rights management
  • SharePoint IRM

Module 10: AntiVirus

  • Microsoft Forefront

Module 11: Information Management Policy

Module 12: Single Sign On

Module 13: Logging Settings

Module 14: Usage Analysis Processing

Module 15: Content Deployment

Module 16: Backup Restore

  • Disaster Recover Techniques
  • Restore Techniques
  • Backup Techniques

Module 17: Timer Jobs

Module 18: Shared Service Provider

Module 19: Application Security

  • Custom Authentication
  • Code Access Security
  • Securing Communications
  • SharePoint Security

Module 20: InfoPath Services

  • InfoPath and Windows Workflow
  • InfoPath Forms Services
  • Best Practices
  • InfoPath 2007

Module 21: Business Data Catalog

Module 22: Search:

  • Performing Searches
  • Tuning Search
  • Search Overview
  • Extending Search

Module 23: Excel Services

Module 24: User Profiles My Sites

  • My Sites
  • User Profile Overview
  • User Profile Settings

Module 25: Performance Optimization

  • Capacity Planning
  • Performance Optimization Techniques