Microsoft Publisher 2016

 Lesson 1: Getting Started with Microsoft Publisher 2016

 ·       Navigate the Interface

 ·       Customize the Publisher Interface

 ·       Create a Publication

 Lesson 2: Adding Content to a Publication

 ·       Add Text to a Publication

 ·       Add Pages and Picture Placeholders to a Publication

 ·       Control the Display of Content in Text Boxes

 ·       Apply Building Blocks to a Publication

 Lesson 3: Formatting Text and Paragraphs in a Publication

 ·       Format Text

 ·       Format Paragraphs

 ·       Apply Schemes

 Lesson 4: Managing Text in a Publication

 ·       Edit Text in a Publication

 ·       Work with Tables

 ·       Insert Symbols and Special Characters

 Lesson 5: Working with Graphics in a Publication

 ·       Insert Graphics in a Publication

 ·       Customize the Appearance of Pictures

 Lesson 6: Preparing a Publication for Sharing and Printing

 ·       Check the Design of a Publication

 ·       Save a Publication in Different Formats

 ·       Print a Publication

 ·       Share a Publication


Length of Class: 
One Day
Instructor-led or Online: 
This course is intended for persons in a variety of job roles such as publishing specialists, layout specialists, graphic designers, or any other knowledge workers who need to use Microsoft Office Publisher 2016 to create, lay out, edit, and share publications.
• Perform basic tasks in the Microsoft Publisher interface
• Add content to a publication
• Format text and paragraphs in a publication
• Manage text in a publication
• Work with graphics in a publication
• Prepare a publication for printing and sharing··