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Cisco IP Telephony v3.3 (CIPT)
Five Days - Instructor-led


Cisco IP Telephony course focuses on the Cisco Call Manager and the devices that register to Cisco Call Manager to complete a Cisco IP Telephony solution. The course begins with design details and best practices for clustering and the various deployment options and includes installation and upgrade information and exercises. The various components of Call Manager are discussed, as are the devices that constitute an IP telephony solution. To ensure the student leaves with an understanding of the entire solution an overview of gateways is provided and route plans are covered in depth. The course provides detailed information on the Call Manager services and configuration exercises. Various methods of Call Manager administration are covered in the course as well as troubleshooting methods. The lesson on integrating applications is a natural extension of the material from the Call Manager to the IP telephony solution. The course includes hands-on laboratory exercises through out that challenge the student to install, configure and monitor a Cisco Call Managercluster of components. 


Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to perform the following overall tasks:

  • Identify AVVID and CallManager Components
  • Define and list benefits of CallManager Cluster and Deployment Options.
  • Install the Cisco Call Manager components and upgrade a Call Manager Cluster.
  • Describe the various IP phone models and list their features.
  • Configure Cisco Call Manager to support IP Phones
  • Identify and configure Catalyst Switches used in CIPT solutions.
  • Describe how gateways fit into the CIPT design.
  • Configure a basic route plan.
  • Configure a complex route plan.
  • Configure Call Manger Class of Service.
  • Configure Call Manager Media resources
  • Configure Call Manager features
  • Configure Call Admission Control and SRST
  • Configure Cisco Web Attendant
  • Configure Extension Mobility

Course Outline

Course Introduction

  • Cisco CallManager
  • Introduction to AVVID and CIPT Components
  • CallManager Cluster and Deployment Options
  • Installing Cisco CallManager
  • Configuring Cisco CallManager to Support IP Phones
  • Cisco Catalyst Switches
  • Cisco Access Gateways
  • Route Plan

Telephony Class of Service

  • Call Admission Control and Survivable Remote Site Telephony
  • Cisco IP SoftPhone and Extension Mobility
  • Manageability and Monitoring Tools
  • Bulk Administration Tool
  • Internal Server Tools