Adobe Graphics & Web Technology Courses

Dreamweaver Level 2
One Day - Instructor-led

You created basic web pages. You now need to develop websites with advanced functionality. In this course, you will use the advanced features of Adobe Dreamweaver to design and develop professional-looking websites.


This course is intended for web designers, developers, graphic artists, media marketing personnel, and anyone who needs to utilize Adobe Dreamweaver to create or enhance websites using advanced techniques.


Before attending this course, students must have:

  • Taken the Windows XP Level 1 course or have the basic skills and knowledge of Windows applications
  • Taken Dreamweaver Level 1 or have equivalent knowledge and skills


  • Work in Code View and use coding tools and features available in Dreamweaver
  • Format web pages using advanced CSS techniques
  • Work with AP elements
  • Work with Spry elements
  • Create and validate forms
  • Integrate external files with Dreamweaver

Course Outline

Lesson 1: Working in Code View

  • Use coding Tools
  • Search for and Replace Code
  • Use Design Notes and Comments

Lesson 2: Formatting with Advanced CSS Techniques

  • Use External Style Sheets
  • Create a Layout Using CSS
  • Apply Rollover Effects Using CSS

Lesson 3: Working with AP Elements

  • Create AP Elements
  • Control AP Elements

Lesson 4: Working with Spry Elements

  • Use Spry Interface Widgets
  • Modify Spry Widgets
  • Use Spry Data Sets

Lesson 5: Creating a Form

  • Set up a Form
  • Add Form Elements
  • Validate a Form

Lesson 6: Integrating External Files with Dreamweaver

  • Integrate Photoshop Images in Dreamweaver
  • Insert Media Objects
  • Integrate XML-Based Data