Adobe Graphics & Web Technology Courses

Dynamic XHTML
Two Days - Instructor-led

Dynamic XHTML allows Web developers to create an interactive Web site. This is accomplished by using XHTML with CSS and JavaScript. In this course, students will use these three components to build sliding and drop down menus, image slide shows, dynamic CSS tables and CSS frames, and perform critical form validation. Students will also learn how to create cookies to store form data.


This course is appropriate for anyone who wants to learn how to create Web pages using XHTML.



Course Outline

Lesson 1:

Introducing JavaScript

Lesson 2:

Working with Operators and Expressions

Lesson 3:

Working with Arrays, Loops, and Conditional Statements

Lesson 4:

Working with Objects

Lesson 5:

Working with Special Effects

Lesson 6:

Working with Windows and Frames

Lesson 7:

Working with Forms and Regular Expressions

Lesson 8:

Working with the Event Model

Lesson 9:

Working with Cookies

Lesson 10:

Working with Dynamic Content and Styles