Excel Dashboards & Reports


In this course you will learn to use Excel dashboards and reports to better conceptualize data. We will look at the individual functions and tools that can be used to create compelling Excel reports. We will show how to automate redundant reporting and analysis processes, as well as learn how to create impressive dashboards, eye-catching visualizations, and real-world What-If analyses.


To ensure your success, we recommend you have experience using Excel with data and familiarity with basic concepts of data analysis such as working with tables, filtering, sorting, using formulas and performing calculations.

Course Outline:

Lesson 1: Getting Started with Excel Dashboards
• Introducing dashboards
• Table design best practices
• Using Excel sparklines
• Chartless visualization techniques

Lesson 2: Introducing Charts into Your Dashboards
• Excel charting
• Working with chart series
• Formatting and customizing charts
• Components that show trending
• Components that group data
• Components that show performance against a target

Lesson 3: Advanced Dashboarding Concepts
• Developing your data model
• Interactive controls
• Macro-charged reporting

Lesson 4: Pivot Table Driven Dashboards
• Using PivotTables
• Using PivotCharts
• Adding interactivity with slicers
• Using the internal data model and Power View

Lesson 5: Working with the Outside World
• Integrating external data
• Sharing with the outside world

Length of Class: 
One Day
Instructor-led or Online: