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Group Policy Software Installation
One Day - Instructor-led

This one-day instructor led training on Group Policy Software Installation will provide the fundamentals of group policy and how group policy can be filtered to determine the targets for that policy.  The course will show how to assign software to be installed automatically for computers and how software can be automatically assigned or published for user.  Office 2010 doesn’t follow the “normal” method of software installation, so a special section is devoted to installing Office 2010. Software installs only work with MSI files and not all software applications come with this type of install file, so a section on how to create your own MSI file for distribution with group policy has been included.

Course Outline


  • Group Policy Fundamentals
  • Group Policy Filtering
  • Assigning Applications to Workstations
  • Assigning Applications to Users
  • Publishing Applications to Users
  • Installing Office 2010
  • Creating a Custom MSI