Managing Performance

Managing Performance
One Day - Instructor-led

This course teaches students the basics of creating a performance plan and the appraisal process. Students will learn how to conduct a performance-planning meeting, document the performance plan, provide positive and constructive feedback, coach employees during the appraisal period, appraise employee's performance, conduct an appraisal discussion, and document an appraisal. Course activities also cover communicating to performance problems to employees, making performance improvements, conducting a status meeting, and documenting ongoing communication. Students will also learn how to respond to a defensive employee, resolve conflict in an appraisal discussion, and understand the laws governing the appraisal process to reduce the risk of legal challenge.


This course is designed for anyone who is looking to advance professionally in their field

Course Outline

Lesson 1: Understand performance management

  • Performance management
  • Performance management plan
  • Job description

Lesson 2: Performance-planning meeting

  • Understand performance-planning meeting
  • Process for providing feedback
  • Coaching employees

Lesson 3: Appraising employee performance

  • Performance appraisal process
  • Gather appraisal materials
  • Prepare for an appraisal discussion
  • Leading an appraisal discussion
  • Respond to and resolve conflict

Lesson 4: Legal appraisal

  • EEO laws
  • Risks of legal challenge

Lesson 5: Performance improvements

  • Plan performance improvements
  • Conducting status meetings
  • Maintaining documentation