Adobe Graphics & Web Technology Courses

Adobe Photoshop Web Production
Two Days - Instructor-led

Target Student

This course is intended for web professionals with a basic knowledge of Photoshop, who are interested in using Photoshop for web production. This course covers the Adobe® Certified Associate and Adobe® Certified Expert exam objectives, and is intended to help prepare students to take the Adobe Certified Associate exam and Adobe Certified Expert exam.


To ensure students' success with this course, we recommend that they have basic knowledge of Photoshop or have taken the following Element K course: Adobe® Photoshop® : Level 1.


  • Prepare images for the web
  • Optimize images by saving them in different formats and applying transparency to them
  • Apply color management techniques, alter image brightness, and ensure color consistency to create images that are attractive to the widest possible audience who use different platforms such as Macintosh and Windows
  • Create web page layouts
  • Export a web page
  • Create animations for web and mobile devices

Course Outline

Lesson 1: Preparing Web Images

  • Understand Images for Web
  • Reduce File Size

Lesson 2: Optimizing Images

  • Optimize Photographic Images
  • Optimize Flat Color Graphics and Illustrations
  • Apply Transparency Settings

Lesson 3: Preparing Images for Cross-Platform Viewing

  • Set Up Color Management for the Web
  • Alter Images for Display Across Platforms
  • Snap to Web-Safe Colors

Lesson 4: Creating Web Page Layouts

  • Create a Web Page
  • Create Web Page Backgrounds
  • Draw Editable Vector Shapes
  • Create Effects

Lesson 5: Exporting a Web Page

  • Prepare a Web Page for Export
  • Export a Web Page

Lesson 6: Creating Animations for Web and Mobile Devices

  • Create Frame Animations
  • Create Timeline Animations
  • Save Animations
  • Preview Animations on Mobile Devices