Adobe Graphics & Web Technology Courses

Microsoft Publisher Level 1
One Day - Instructor-led

This course teaches the basic functions and features of Publisher 2010. Students will learn how to create a publication, adjust its page setup, enter and edit text, insert pictures, and create and modify text frames. They'll also learn how to work with multi-page publications, objects, graphics, and tables, as well as how to print publications.


Microsoft Publisher was designed for students who desire to gain the skills necessary to work with publications ranging from cards, posters or flyers, banners, business cards, letterhead, invoices, quotes and more.


Before attending this course, students must have:

  • Taken the Windows XP Level 1 course or have the basic skills and knowledge of Windows applications

(While it isn’t required, it is recommended that the student is familiar with Microsoft Word.)

Microsoft Office Specialist Exams

There are no exams associated with this course.


  • Knowing your way around Publisher.
  • Creating basic publications with pictures and text frames.
  • Familiarizing yourself with basic editing tools.
  • Working with tables and printing.

Course Outline

Lesson 1: Getting started

  • Exploring the Publisher window
  • Getting help
  • Closing files and closing Publisher

Lesson 2: Creating publications

  • Creating a publication
  • Page setup options
  • Working with pictures
  • Working with text frames

Lesson 3: Formatting publications

  • Modifying text frames
  • Formatting text
  • Changing paragraph properties
  • Using editing tools

Lesson 4: Working with multi-page publications

  • Creating multi-page publications
  • Modifying multi-page publications
  • Working with master pages
  • Working with text

Lesson 5: Working with objects and graphics

  • Working with AutoShape objects
  • Working with pictures
  • Working with WordArt

Lesson 6: Working with tables

  • Getting started with tables
  • Modifying tables
  • Formatting tables

Lesson 7: Printing publications

  • Printing publications