Sales Training

Sales Training
Three Days - Instructor-led

This no nonsense approach to sales training is focused on proven techniques which lead to customer acquisition, penetration, development and increased sales.   


This course is designed for anyone who is looking to advance professionally in their field

Course Outline

Lesson 1: Finding New Customers

  • Preparing for the call
  • Mindset
  • Statistics
  • How to use email
  • How to get references
  • How to use references
  • When to call
  • Useful templates and techniques to get in the door and around the gatekeeper

Lesson 2: Developing New Customers into Long Term Clients

  • Fundamentals of customer service
  • Action is power
  • How to outmaneuver your competition

Lesson 3: The Perfect Meeting

  • How to get the meeting
  • Planning for the meeting
  • Walking away with your and your customer’s objectives met
  • Follow up techniques

Lesson 4: Negotiating Skills and Techniques

  • What to say when, and how
  • Knowing what to ask for…the customers frame of mind

Lesson 5: Handling Objections

  • What to say, how to say it, what to ask for in return
  • Funneling to discover the true objection
  • When to start looking for objections

Lesson 6: Closing Technique

  • From the Ben Franklin to the Columbo, learning and enhancing the technique that works for you and the situation
  • Understanding objections and how to overcome them

Lesson 7: Post Sale Follow Up

  • Now that you have your first sale with a customer, now what?
  • How to build a customer for life and fend off competition