Adobe Lightroom

This course provides students an overview of the features and concepts of Adobe Lightroom 1.0. Students will learn Lightroom workflows, how to import photos, and how to utilize different views. They’ll learn how to flag, rank, and cull photos by using the Survey view; how to use the Collections panel and create a Quick Collection; and how to synchronize settings among a group of photos. Students will learn how to apply presets, adjust white balance, and the Histogram, Tone Curve, and Split Toning panels. They’ll also learn to use Lightroom to create slideshows, prepare photos for printing, and create Web galleries.

Lesson 1: Getting started
• Lightroom overview
• Importing photos
• Viewing photos
• The Lightroom interface

Lesson 2: The library
• Sorting photos
• Organizing photos
• Group photo adjustments
• Export options

Lesson 3: Developing photos
• Basic adjustments
• Managing adjustments
• Tone curves and color adjustments
• Grayscale and split toning
• Cropping and straightening
• Detail adjustments
• Duplicating adjustments

Lesson 4: Slideshows
• Slide and backdrop settings
• Slide overlays and layout
• Playback and export settings

Lesson 5: Printing photos
• Print layout
• Output control

Lesson 6: Web galleries
• Create a web gallery
• Output a web gallery

Length of Class: 
One day
Instructor-led or Online: