Customer Service Training and The Customer Experience

Customized Customer Experience and Customer Service Consulting and Training. Vermont Panurgy has been providing consulting and instruction on the topics of customer service and training for over 20 years. Since 2009, our focus on the entire customer experience and our unique approach has allowed us to win long term contracts with multiple state agencies, the fastest growing technology company in Vermont, most insurance companies, and countless other organizations in Vermont and New York State. Our approach is simply different.

1. We gain an understanding of the organization from the inside out.

2. We work with employees from all facets of the organization and use their knowledge in building or enhancing a philosophy and then the training content.

3. We train using your organization's information, we do not offer generic, canned training and consulting.

4. We follow up and help develop tools to ensure long term success.

This is not just a training, we help organizations change mindset and culture.

Length of Class: 
Instructor-led or Online: 
All organizations including banks, insurance companies, state agencies in both Vermont and New York, technical companies, manufactures, any organizations that has internal or external customers.
Any existing organization
- Understand the importance of a customer service philosophy
- Build a philosophy which all employees can get behind
- Build a strong organization and company brand which focuses on customers, both internal and external
- Time Mangement
- Effective Communication
- Dealing with Angry Customers
- Expectation Setting
- Follow Up and Follow Through