time management

Time Management with Microsoft Outlook

Last week I taught a Time Management, using Microsoft Outlook class to a large group of executive assistants from a local University. I really enjoyed the class, participation and results. Believe it or not Time Management is one of those classes and discussions which can get very passionate and heated.

Business Time Sucks (not the bad word, as my 4 year old would think!)


Where do we spend most of our time while at work? Are we truly busy or just busy doing things which make us seem busy? What are we attempting to accomplish during the day? How do we structure our days, afternoons, mornings, hours, minutes, seconds? Can you clearly identify where your time is spent? What is critical, what do we think is critical, what does our boss think is critical? To get to the bottom of these questions you need to ask yourself "what I am solving for". Why am I here?