Working in Teams

Lesson 1: Team Nuts & Bolts
• Team Direction
• Road Maps
• Helping Your Team Succeed
• Team Chemistry
• Contracting Team Ground Rules

Lesson 2: Organizing Your Team
• Team Support Roles
• Team Member Job Description
• Team Charter
• Master Plans
• SMART Milestones
• Action Planning
• Team Public Relations

Lesson 3: Working Together
• Building Your Team
• Consensus Decision-Making
• Handling Differences
• Win-Win Negotiating

Lesson 4: Monitoring Progress
• Monitoring Team Progress
• Exercise: Project Management
• Personal Action Plan

Length of Class: 
One Day
Instructor-led or Online: 
This training program is designed to help you acquaint others with essential skills and approaches for working in teams. In this course, participants will learn how to interact in a team, make meetings work more effectively, reach agreement, build their team into a "family" unit, and follow up on teamwork with others. Performance-Based Objectives: Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to: • To explain what teamwork is all about, what roles you’ll play, and how you’ll figure out what to do together • To describe how to make team meetings work, how you can reach agreement with others, and how you can all build your team into a “family” unit • To present the best ways to follow up on teamwork so others, including the managers who support the whole deal, will listen to your decisions