Amazing Macros in Excel

This course introduces Microsoft Excel users to the features in creating and managing Excel macro. Participants will learn how to record macros, execute macros using various methods, edit macros and create control buttons to activate the macros.

Course Outline

Lesson 1: Using Macros
• Defining Macros
• Opening a Workbook Containing Macros
• Enabling Macro via Trust Center Setting
• Using Developer Tab
• Running a Macro

Lesson 2: Recording Macros
• Recording a Macro
• Assigning a Shortcut Key
• Deleting a Macro

Lesson 3: Editing Macros
• Writing a new Macro
• Entering Macro Commands
• Copying Macro Commands
• Typing Macro Commands

Lesson 4: Custom Button in Quick Access Toolbar
• Create a Custom Button
• Assign a Macro Button to Quick Access Toolbar
• Change a Button Image
• Delete a Custom Button

Lesson 5: Adding Form Controls to a Worksheet
• Using Forms Controls
• Create Macro Button
• Formatting a Macro Button
• Rename a Macro Button
• Deleting a Macro Button
• Create Scroll Bar Control

Length of Class: One Day

Instructor-led or Online: Instructor-Led

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