Access Application Development

One Day – Instructor-led

This course is for those who want to go beyond using the built-in features offered by Access and develop their own applications. The course starts with how to plan an application from the ground up, and how to make use of advanced form design, macros, and dialog boxes. The course also covers creating switchboards, splash screens, custom menu forms, and navigation groups. This course stops short of actual VBA programming, which is covered in the course Access VBA Programming.

This course is aimed at information workers who need to learn more in-depth techniques of Access.

Before attending this course, students must have:
• Taken the Windows 7 Level 1 course or have the basic skills and knowledge of Windows applications
• Be an advanced user of Microsoft Access

• Identify the components of an application
• Plan an application
• Make a binary executable version of your application
• Use grouped controls in forms
• Use the Tab control
• Create and use a subform
• Observe and create dialog boxes
• Examine and create macro groups
• Automate navigation
• Create, test, and modify Switchboard forms
• Create Splash Screen forms by modifying form properties

Course Outline

Lesson 1: Application Design
• Examining an application
• Planning an application
• Creating a binary executable

Lesson 2: Advanced Form Design
• Using grouped controls
• Using the Tab Control
• Creating subforms

Lesson 3: Dialog Boxes and Macros
• Working with dialog boxes
• Working with macro groups
• Automating navigation across forms

Lesson 4: Application Navigation
• Working with Switchboards
• Working with Splash Screens

Lesson 5: Custom Menus and Navigation Groups
• Custom menu forms
• Custom groups in the Navigation Pane

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