Excel VBA Level 1

Overview: Visual Basic for Application (VBA) is a programming language designed for automating tasks in Microsoft Office. This two-day training session focuses on the VBA as it applies to Microsoft Excel – specifically recording and running macros, writing data and formulas to cells and with the programming aspects of variables, procedures, and flow control. The use of VBA in Microsoft Excel will improve the user experience and productivity with the application.

Excel VBA Programming demonstrates how Excel users can customize and supercharge Excel apps using the powerful capabilities of Visual Basic. To be successful in this course, you should have proficient knowledge of Microsoft Excel.

Course Outline

Day 1: Running/recording Macros and Writing formulas and data to cells
In this course participants will learn:
• How to record and modify macros to automate business process
• About the various option for storing macros and running macros
• How interact with a cell with a focus on offset and resize
• How to leverage variables to write more efficient and reusable code
• Aspects of creating simple and complex module structure to support current and future solutions
• How to create repeating coding blocks to perform the same steps for a pre-determined number of times

Day 2: Variables, Procedure and Flow Control
At the end of this day, students will have learned how to:
• Record macros to solve simple business solution
• Identify the macro storage option that best fits their business environment
• Identify the best method for running themacros in their business environment
• Identify the various option for writing data to cells and select the appropriate method that fits the scenario
• Write formulas using the R1C1 notation
• At the end of this day, students will have learned how to:
• Identify the value of declaring variables in their solutions
• Identify the appropriate data type for a variable
• Identify code blocks that would be ideal for sub-routine and functions
• Implementing decision making with If and Case statements
• Develop looping structure to code once and repeat many times

Length of Class:
Two Days
Instructor-led or Online:

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