Time Management with Microsoft Outlook

Anyone who uses Microsoft Outlook, who manages multiple calendars and schedules, tasks or projects.

Familiarity with Microsoft Outlook

This course teaches you the six keys to time management, chunking your time, time management with email, overcoming email addiction, six steps to stop email from controlling you, how to send an effective email, creating and managing email rules, using search folders, tricks to quickly find emails, quicker ways to use contacts, using Outlook as a CRM to manage client interactions, calendar timesavers, quick scheduling tricks, harnessing the power of tasks, using TaskPad, custom task views, identifying and managing controllable time each day.

Lesson 1: The Time Dilemma
• The Six Keys of Time Management
• Configuring Outlook To Work For You
• Advanced Toolbar
• Starting Your Day with a Planning Overview – Outlook Today
• Customize Outlook View
• To-Do-Bar
• Viewing Emails in Groups
• Adding Columns

Lesson 2: Managing EMAIL
• Chunking Your Time
• 3 Chunking Imperatives
• Desktop Alert
• Overcoming EMail Addiction
• How to Effectively Use Email
• How to Send an Effective Email
• Email Edict
• Organizing Emails
• Creating Rules
• Create Rule Based on Subject
• Changing Rules Order
• Creating Search Folders
• Adding Searches to Favorites
• Using Flags with the Follow-Up Search Folder
• Changing the Default Follow-up Flag (Quick Click)
• Adding a Reminder to a Follow-up Flag
• Find a Message
• Using Instant Search
• Advanced Searches
• Using Find feature for Related Messages
• Additional Tricks and Tips
• Printing Attachments without Opening
• Deleting Auto Complete Email Addresses

Lesson 3: Calendar
• Saving Time When Viewing Your Calendar
• Select Nonconsecutive Dates to View
• Overlaying Two Calendars
• Send a Calendar via Email
• Scheduling Appointments
• Scheduling Appointments into the Future
• Schedule Appointments with Emails
• Scheduling Meetings
• Planning a Meeting
• Sending Meeting Notifications
• Accepting an Invitation to a Meeting
• Sending Meeting Reminders
• Canceling a Meeting
• Tracking Attendee Responses

Lesson 4: Contacts & Tasks
• Contacts
• Emailing Contact Cards
• Assigning Categories to contacts
• Creating New Categories
• Viewing Contacts by Category
• Flag a Contact for Follow Up
• Finding Contacts
• Tasks
• Categories & Views
• Creating a Custom Task View
• Creating Tasks
• Setting Reminders
• Task Details
• Assigning Tasks To Others
• Priorities and Completion Status
• Scheduling Time for Tasks
• Scheduling Time with TaskPad
• Managing Larger Projects with Tasks
• How To Prioritize
• Shortcuts

Lesson 5: Additional Time Management Techniques
• Taking Control of Your Time
• Controllable Time Worksheet
• Managing the Controllable Time
• Using Notes
• Creating a Note & Categorizing
• Organizing Notes and Searching Notes
• Using the Voting Feature
• Creating Voting Options
• Casting a vote
• Viewing Votes
• Creating a Voting Report

Lesson 6: Managing Client Interaction
• Show Contact Activity Information
• Tasks
• Appointments
• Email
• Journaling
• Track a Client
• Phone Call
• Viewing Journal Entries
• Client Management
• Setting up the Activities Tab
• Activities Views

Length of Class:
One Day
Instructor-led or Online:

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