Microsoft Windows 8 and Office 2013 Transition

Target Student
This course is designed for students who wish to make a switch from using a PC running on the Microsoft Windows 7 operating system with foundational knowledge and skills in Office 2007 or 2010 to using a PC running on the Microsoft Windows 8 operating system with Office 2013 in a business or work-related environment.

Course Outline

Lesson 1: Navigating the Windows 8 Environment
• Topic A: Log in to Windows 8
• Topic B: Navigate the Start Screen
• Topic C: Navigate the Desktop

Lesson 2: Working with Common Features
• Topic A: Use Modern Apps
• Topic B: Use the Charms
• Topic C: Use File Explorer
• Topic D: Use the Control Panel and the Task Manager

Lesson 3: Customizing the Windows 8 Environment
• Topic A: Customize the Start Screen
• Topic B: Customize the Desktop

Lesson 4: Getting Started with Microsoft Office 2013
• Topic A: Common Features
• Topic B: Office 2013 and the Cloud

Lesson 5: Working with Microsoft Word 2013
• Topic A: Edit a PDF
• Topic B: Work with Tables
• Topic C: Edit Documents
• Topic D: Read Documents

Lesson 6: Working with Microsoft Excel 2013
• Topic A: Streamline Workflow with Templates
• Topic B: Accelerate Data Insertion with Flash Fill
• Topic C: Incorporate Charts
• Topic D: Analyze Data

Lesson 7: Working with Microsoft PowerPoint 2013
• Topic A: Apply a Theme from the Start Screen
• Topic B: Leverage the Enhanced Presenter View
• Topic C: Incorporate Objects

Lesson 8: Working with Microsoft Outlook 2013
• Topic A: Navigate Through Mail, Calendars, Contacts, and Tasks
• Topic B: Connect to Social Networks

Length of Class:
One Day
Instructor-led or Online:

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