Power BI Desktop

Power BI Desktop

Two Days Ÿ Instructor-led


The concept of Business Intelligence (BI) has been around for some time with the picture of a team of highly trained IT specialists handling this complex task.  Power BI empowers the user to bypass such structures and allows them to discover, capture, structure, and shape the data so it can be analyzed in an interactive and visual manner.

With Microsoft’s free self-service business intelligence tool, you can now produce stunning dashboards and compelling reports that will seize your audience’s attention with data from virtually any source. You can easily slice and dice the data and then add metrics and KPIs to project the insights that create your competitive advantage.  Make raw data into clear, accurate, and interactive information.  Now you can save time by preparing the underlying data correctly without needing an IT department to prepare it for you!


Course Description

This two-day instructor-led course provides students with the knowledge and skills to analyze data with Power BI.


The primary audience for this course is BI professionals who need to analyze data utilizing Power BI.

The secondary audiences for this course are technically proficient business users.

Course Objectives

After completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Describe self-service BI and the Power BI suite of products.
  • Connect to data sources and optimize data models.
  • Shape and combine data from different sources and model data.
  • Create reports and manage solutions.
  • Discover, structure, and load your data from a wide range of sources
  • Add all the calculations you need to enhance information and extract accurate analysis
  • Create stylish interactive presentations
  • Share your insights with your colleagues and clients
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