Organizational Skills

This course introduces students to the basics of information and time management. Students will learn how to assimilate and make the best use of the stream of the daily information flow. Students will also learn how to process, retain, prioritize, and preserve messages and data that are vital for productivity and effectiveness. Course activities will also cover discussing time management techniques and developing time management skills.

This course is designed for anyone who is looking to advance professionally in their field

Course outline

Lesson 1
• Managing information
• The INFO process

Lesson 2
• Managing written information
• Managing oral information
• Managing electronic information
• Managing your memory

Lesson 3
• Fundamentals
• Modes of sending information

Lesson 4
• Time management
• Time management problems

Lesson 5
• Getting organized
• Planning and prioritizing
• Procrastination

Lesson 6
• Interpersonal communication
• Office interruptions
• Effective delegation

Lesson 7
• Managing team time
• Team communication and planning
• Effective use of team time

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