Create a High Performance Team

Companies have become increasingly complex—both geographically and operationally. Old top-down leadership styles need to be replaced with two-way communication and collaboration. Learn the specific tasks you’ll need to orchestrate in order to lead teams successfully in today’s organizations.

At the completion of this course you’ll know how to:
Diagnose the stage of your team’s development and use that information to guide your leadership strategy to bring the team to higher performance.
Continuously improve your leadership skills, select the right team members for the task, establish the team’s purpose, and ensure fit with the organization’s needs.
Lead your team through the stages of development to realize the successful performance required by the organization.
Lead a “problem team” or “broken team” to effective performance. • Revitalize a “tired team” and create a “virtual team.”

Lesson 1: The Task of Building a Team
• The Value of Teams
• The Definition of Team
• Stages of Team Development
• Types of Teams
• The Language of Teams

Lesson 2: The Leader of Teams
• So, You’re Going to Lead a Team
• Identifying the Team’s Purpose
• Choosing the Best Team

Lesson 3: Creating the New Team
• Forming
• Constructive Storming
• Norming
• Performing
• Adjourning

Lesson 4: Fixing the Problem Team
• Re-Forming a Problem Team
• Constructive Storming
• Norming and Performing

Lesson 5: Revitalizing the Inactive Team & Creating the Virtual Team
• Revitalizing the Inactive Team
• The New Virtual Team
• The Intact Team

Length of Class:
One Day
Instructor-led or Online:

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