Leadership Skills for Women

For women who want to become business leaders, this book uses self-study activities to help readers understand and develop the leadership skills required for business success.

Course Outline

Lesson 1: The Characteristics of Effective Leaders
• Test Your Leadership Potential
• Many Styles of Leadership
• What Style Are You?
• A Leader’s Attitude Affects Productivity
• A Leader’s Attitude and Vision
• Identifying a Leadership Model
• Prejudices Against Women as Leaders
• Working with Men

Lesson 2: Leading Your Team
• Rate Yourself as an Effective Team Builder
• Characteristics of Highly-Cohesive Teams
• Seven Basics of Team Leadership
• Characteristics of Team Members
• Evaluate Your Team Players?
• What Motivates Your Team?
• Strategies for Motivating Team Players

Lesson 3: Planning Tools
• Goal Setting
• Goal Success Exercise
• Involve Your Team in Goal Setting
• Getting Organized
• Leaders and Time Management
• Leaders and Meetings
• How to Delegate Skillfully
• Decision Making and Leadership

Lesson 4: Leaders are Problem Solvers
• Conflict Resolution Styles
• Resolving Conflict
• Managing Difficult People
• Difficult People Leadership Exercise
• Coaching and Counseling
• The Art of Feedback and Using I Messages
• How to Use Positive Anger
• Stress Busters

Lesson 5: Developing Personal Power

Lesson 6: Summary Having It All
• The Benefits of Being a Woman Leader

Length of Class: 
One Day
Instructor-led or Online: 

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