Email Management – Netiquette

Common courtesy, social graces and socially acceptable behavior. All are used in a civilized society where humans interact with one another. Cyberspace is not any different. How you will be perceived, the type of human being that you are or for that matter are not, your credibility and your levels of professionalism and ethics will be judged by how you communicate with others online.

This course will help you to recognize established Netiquette Guidelines so that you come across in all communication, as the educated, intelligent business professional that you are.

This course is designed for anyone who is looking to advance professionally in their field

Course Outline

Lesson 1: Get to know the Basics
• Letter case
• Subjects
• Formatting
• Group Emails
• Jokes and other junk
• Personal information
• Search before you speak

Lesson 2: Perception is the Only Reality Online
• Manners
• Openers

Lesson 3: English is Not Your Second Language
• Proofreading
• You never know; business, family and friends
• Appropriate punctuation

Lesson 4: Ending You Emails
• Courteous endings
• Forwarding
• Responding is worthwhile

Lesson 5:  Common Courtesy with Instant Messaging
• Is it a good time?
• Briefly and succinctly
• Proper uses for IM
• Multi-tasking and your attention
• Learn the features of your IM program
• You are who you are
• Acronyms and emoticons
• Cautions for business users

Lesson 6: Prompt and Concise
• Responding promptly
• Being concise
• Down editing
• Bandwidth consciousness

Lesson 7: Do Not Be a SPAMMER
• Only send when asked
• Forwarding information
• Know who you are sending to
• Do not take advantage
• How do you wish to be seen?

Lesson 8: You Are What You Write
• Abusive language
• Two rudes don’t make a right
• It is okay to apologize
• Remember the world is on email
• There is no eye contact, tone or gestures

Lesson 9: Don’t Fall for Flamers, Jerks or Trolls
• The brutally untruthful and offensive
• Lighting your fire
• Remember you are in control
• Reporting

Lesson 10: Share Information and Help  Others
• There is a human at the other end
• Others may not have had this course

Lesson 11: Testing our Knowledge
• 10 Question Quiz
• Questions and Answers

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