This course teaches how to bring out the collaborative voices of your team members, get started with this simple six-step plan, increase participation and team efficiency, develop feedback and clarification skills, and shortcut the path to team consensus.

• Understand why empowered teams benefit modern organizations
• Learn about team involvement, decision making and dynamics
• Gain tools for facilitation

Course Outline

Lesson 1: Understanding Facilitation
• Background: The Transformation of U.S. Industry
• Why Facilitation?
• What Facilitators Do
• How Facilitation Differs from Training and Presenting
• The Facilitator: Managing Structure, Not Content

Lesson 2: Team Involvement, Decision Making and Dynamics
• Encouraging Participation
• Rules for Asking Nonthreatening Questions
• Types of Questions to Ask
• Body Language and Facilitation
• Making Decisions
• Six-Step Problem-Solving Process
• Getting Group Agreement
• The Importance of Preparation
• Running an Effective Team Meeting
• Team Life Cycles
• Handling Difficult Team Members
• What If the Group Still Gets Stuck?

Lesson 3: Facilitation Tools
• Essential Tools
• Conclusion

Lesson 4: Cross Facilitation
• Exercise: Test Your Memory
• Example of Fast-Food Flowchart
• Crossword Puzzle Solution

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