Train the Trainer

This course is designed for those who train others on new products via presentations or one-on-one coaching sessions, as well as for those trainers looking to brush up on some basic skills.

• Knowing your audience and selecting relevant materials
• The most effective ways to present your materials
• Presentation skills
• Managing classroom flow
• Reading your students’ moods & attitudes
• Using each training session to grow as a trainer

Course Outline

Lesson 1: Preparation
• Dealing with anxiety
• Self preparation
• Classroom preparation
• Starting a day and ending a day

Lesson 2: Adult Learning
• Truth, value, and indexing test
• Multiple learning styles
• Four thinking styles
• Main types of classroom delivery

Lesson 3: Concept vs. Procedure
• Conceptual versus procedural thinking
• Building a concept tree
• Setup techniques
• Delivery Methods
• Following up after delivering a concept
• Courseware development and the VCP model

Lesson 4: Concept Delivery
• Assessment tools
• Pacing your day
• Analogies
• Questioning techniques
• Co-teaching and learning strategies

Lesson 5: Presentation Skills
• Components of presentation skills
• Linking to students

Lesson 6: Classroom Management
• Prevention and control messages
• Control strategies
• Handling disruptive students

Lesson 7: Burnout
• Identifying burnout and stress
• Dealing with and preventing burnout

Lesson 8: Evaluation & Growth
• Applying 3 levels of evaluation
• Identifying growth

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