Installing & Configuring Windows Server 2012

This course zeros in on basic procedures and everyday tasks for maximizing Windows productivity. It is designed for students who wish to learn to use Windows administrative tools to set up, manage, and use basic network services.

• This course is designed for anyone who will be dealing with Windows administrative tools.

• Before attending this course, students must have:
• Taken the Windows 7 Level 1 course or have the basic skills and knowledge of • Windows applications

Technical Exams
• There are no exams associated with this course.

• Know the meaning of a computer network.
• Creating users and group accounts.
• Network design and protocol.
• TCP/IP addressing and troubleshooting.
• World Wide Web supporting.

Course Outline

Lesson 1: Installing/Configuring
• Server Editions
• Installation requirements
• 32/64 Bit Overview
• Installation Scenarios
• Initial Configuration Tasks
• Server Manager/Server Roles
• Server Features
• Server Core

Lesson 2: Networking Basics
• TCP/IP Overview
• Firewalls

Lesson 3: Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)
• Installing a DHCP Server
• Configuring DHCP Servers
• Managing DHCP Scopes

Lesson 4: Domain Naming Service (DNS)
• Installing DNS Servers
• Managing DNS Servers
• Managing DNS Records
• Configuring Name Resolution on DNS Clients

Lesson 5: Active Directory Services
• Directory Service Overview
• Domain Controller Installation
• Active Directory Management Tools
• Organizational Units
• Delegation of Security
• Operations Masters

Lesson 6: Active Directory Object Management
• User Accounts
• Computer Accounts
• Groups

Lesson 7: Shared Resources
• NTFS File Permission
• Shared Folders
• Shared Printers

Lesson 8: Group Policy
• Group Policy Overview
• Computer Based Policy
• User Based Policy
• Software Installation

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