SQL Administration

Learn the day-to-day tasks and techniques needed to keep SQL Server humming along smoothly.
Get started with SQL Server operations, including maintenance, backup and recovery, high availability, and performance monitoring.

Course Outline

Lesson 1: Server Assessment and Configuration
• Identifying Instances and Versions
• Identifying Databases
• Identifying Other Server Objects
• Inventorying the Server Configuration

Lesson 2: Managing Databases
• Configuring Database Options
• Detaching and Attaching databases
• Assessing Database Storage
• Storage Related Performance Concerns
• Systems Databases

Lesson 3: Backup and Recovery
• Transaction Log
• Backups
• Restoration
• Model Backup and Recovery Scenarios
• Systems Databases
• Backup and Recovery with T-SQL and PowerShell

Lesson 4: Authentication
• Understanding Logins
• Understanding Database Users
• Real World Authentication
• Understanding Application Roles

Lesson 5: Authorization
• Understanding SQL Server Permission
• Using Server Roles
• Using Database Roles
• Schemas and Owners
• Permission Chains

Lesson 6: Indexes
• Index Basics, Heaps, Clustered Indexes, and Nonclustered Indexes
• Understanding Index Fragmentation
• Analyzing Index Fragmentation
• Index Maintenance Strategies
• Performing the Maintenance

Lesson 7: Query Execution Plans
• What’s an execution plan?
• Common Plan Symbols and Definitions
• How to read an execution plan
• Important Parts of the Execution Plan

Length of Class: 
One Day
Instructor-led or Online: 

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