SQL Server 1

This is the first course in a five part SQL development series.

Before attending this course, students must have taken the SQL Fundamentals course or have the equivalent skills and knowledge.

Course Outline

Basic Queries
• Single Table Queries
• Criteria

Viewing Combined Information
• Inner Joins
• Outer Joins

Query Strategies
• Table Aliasing
• Cross Joins
• Unmatched Records Query

Data Definition Language
• Creating Databases
• Creating Tables

Data Manipulation Language
• Inserting Data
• Updating Data
• Deleting Data
• Using Scripts

Maintaining Tables
• Altering Tables
• Using Bulk Copy Program

Stored procedures
• Creating Stored Procedures
• Using Variables
• Stored Procedure Parameters

Transaction Control Language
• Explicit Transactions
• Table Hints

Data Control Language
• SQL Logins
• Granting Permission
• Revoking and Denying Permission

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