SQL Server 2

This is the second course in a five part SQL development series. This course assumes you have completed the SQL Server I class or know basic SQL syntax and have SQL coding experience. In this course you will learn how to run queries. Writing queries is the key to capturing the data you want.

Course Outline

Data, Information & Tables
• Basic Queries
• Joining Tables
• Using Bulk Copy Program (BCP)
• Creating & Populating Tables

Query Options
• Sorting Data
• Three Table Query
• Many-to-Many Relationships

Null, Expressions & Identity Fields
• Working with Nulls
• Expression Fields
• Identity Fields

Aggregating Data
• Using Group By
• Filtering Aggregated Results
• Aggregation in Stored Procedures

Aggregating Strategies
• Finding Duplicates
• The Over Clause

Top Records
• Top N Queries
• Top N Tricks

Ranking Functions
• Rank and Dense_Rank
• Row_Number

Multiple Query Operators
• Union and Union All
• Intersect and Except

Common Table Expressions (CTE)
• CTE and Expression Fields
• CTE Field Aliasing
• Advanced Clause Combinations

Data Recursion
• Self Join Hierarchies
• Range Hierarchies
• Recursive Queries

Using Subqueries
• Basic Subqueries
• Correlated Subqueries
• Subquery Extensions

Table Data Actions
• Truncating & Deleting Data
• Cross Apply
• Outer Apply

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