SQL Server 3

This is the third course in the SQL series. In this class you will learn how programming objects work in SQL Server and tackle key topics such as error handling.

Course Outline

• Data Types
• Primary Keys
• Check Constraints
• Unique Constraints
• Default Constraints

• Insert Trigger
• Update Triggers
• Delete Triggers

Creating Views
• Altering Views
• Nesting Views
• View Options

Stored Procedures
• Basic Stored Procedures
• Stored Procedures that return values
• Stored Procedures with Output values
• Stored Procedure Options
• Table-Valued Parameters

String, Time and Logical Functions
• Basic String Functions
• System Time Functions
• Time Calculation Functions
• Logical Functions (ISNULL, CASE, COALESCE, IIF)

User-Defined Functions
• Scalar Functions
• Table Valued Functions

• Using Cursors
• Cursor Types

Error Handling
• Structure Error Handling
• Throw Structure

Length of Class: 
2 Days
Instructor-led or Online: 

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