Windows Server 2016: Domain Infrastructure

About this Course
This two day class is the fourth in a series of Windows Server 2016 classes.  We cover solutions, workarounds, tips and insights to provide the most of the features and programs available –
• Designing Active Directory Infrastructure
• Managing and maintaining Accounts
• Configuring Account Policies
• Troubleshooting and resetting Accounts
• Planning OUs, Domains and Forests
• Managing Operations Masters and Global Catalogs
• Delegating Authentication
• Managing Domain and Forest Trusts
• Managing Replication and Revising Site Design
• Diagnosing and Resolving Trusts and Authentication Issues
• Implementing Active Directory Domain Services
• Deploying Read-only Domain Controllers
• Monitoring and Troubleshooting Replication
• Creating and Managing GPOs
• Managing Group Policy Inheritance and Processing
• Maintaining and Troubleshooting Group Policy

This class assumes experience with computer hardware and Windows Server operating system

Course Outline

Lesson 1: Working with Domain User Accounts
• Establishing Account Policies
• Creating Password Settings  Objects
• Granting Capabilities, Privileges, and Rights
• Assigning User Rights

Lesson 2: Managing User and Service Accounts
• Creating and Configuring Domain User Accounts
• Working with Managed Service Accounts
• Maintaining User Accounts
• Recovering Deleted Accounts

Lesson 3: Managing Groups and Computers
• Working with Groups
• Managing Computer Accounts

Lesson 4: Active Directory Architecture: The Fundamentals
• Active Directory Physical Architecture
• Decoding the Directory Service Architecture
• Active Directory Logical Architecture

Lesson 5: Creating and Updating Active Directory Designs
• Planning for Replication
• Planning for Search and Global Catalogs
• Planning for Compatibility

Lesson 6: Understanding Authentication and Trusts
• Authentication Essentials for Groups
• Navigating Authentication Options
• Understanding Domain Trusts
• Understanding Forest Trusts
• Delegating Authentication

Lesson 7: Planning Your Infrastructure
• Creating an Implementation or Update Plan
• Developing a Forest Plan
• Developing a Domain Plan

Lesson 8: Implementing Domain Services
• Preinstallation Considerations for Active Directory
• Installing Active Directory Domain Services
• Cloning Virtualized Domain Controllers
• Uninstalling Active Directory

Lesson 9: Managing OUs
• Working with Organizational Units
• Creating an OU Design
• Creating and Managing Organizational Units
• Delegating Administration of Domains and OUs

Lesson 10: Deploying Read-Only Domain Controllers
• Read-Only Domain Controllers: The Essentials
• Installing  RODCs
• Managing Password Replication Policy

Lesson 11: Working with Operations Master
• Operations Master Roles: The Essentials
• Working with Schema Masters
• Working with Domain Naming Masters
• Working with Relative ID Masters
• Working with PDC Emulators
• Working with Infrastructure Masters
• Forcing Operations Master Role Transfers

Lesson 12: Planning Active Directory Sites
• Active Directory Sites: The Fundamentals
• Understanding Active Directory Replication
• Replication Rings and Directory Partitions
• Developing or Revising Your Site Design

Lesson 13: Active Directory Site Administration
• Managing Sites and Subnets
• Managing Site Links and Intersite Replication
• Monitoring and Troubleshooting Replication

Lesson 14: Implementing Group Policy Infrastructure
• Group Policy Fundamentals
• Using Local Group Policy
• Configuring Directory-based Policy
• Managing Group Policy Through Delegation

Lesson 15: Optimizing Group Policy
• Managing Group Policy Inheritance
• Managing Policy Processing
• Using Scripts in Group Policy
• Applying Group Policy Through Security Templates
• Maintaining and Troubleshooting Group Policy

Length of Class: 
Two Days
Instructor-led or Online: 

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