Windows Server 2016: Essential Services

About this Course
This two day class is the third in a series of Windows Server 2016 classes.  We cover solutions, workarounds, tips and insights to provide the most of the features and programs available –
• Managing IPv4 and IPv6 network addressing
• Planning for DNS and DHCP
• Designing services infrastructure
• Implementing and managing DNS
• Configuring advanced DNS services
• Implementing and managing DHCP
• Configuring advanced DHCP services
• Troubleshooting DNS and DHCP
• Deploying print services
• Managing and maintaining print services
• Diagnosing and resolving networking issues

This class assumes experience with computer hardware and Windows Server operating system

Course Outline

Lesson 1: Storage Management Essentials
• Preparing for and Enabling Remote Management
• Getting Started with Remote Desktop
• Connecting to Virtual Machines in Azure

Lesson 2: IP Addressing Fundamentals
• Using TCP/IP
• IPv4 Addressing
• Class A/B/C Networks
• Subnetting
• Using DNS
• Using WINS
• Using LLMNR

Lesson 3: Configuring TCP/IP Networking
• Setting up TCP/IP Networking
• Configuring Static IP Addressing
• Configuring Dynamic or Alternate IP Addressing
• Configuring Advanced TCP/IP Settings
• Managing DNS Resolution
• Configuring Advanced DNS Settings
• Working with Network Connections
• Troubleshooting TCP/IP Networking

Lesson 4: Planning for DNS
• Using DNS in the Enterprise
• Using Zones
• Using Split-Brain Design
• Using Separate-Name Design

Lesson 5: Deploying and Configuring DNS
• Installing DNS Servers
• Using DNS with and without Active Directory
• Configuring DNS
• Creating Reverse Lookup Zones
• Implementing Forwarding
• Creating Subdomains and Delegations
• Using DNSSEC
• Creating Resource Records

Lesson 6: Maintaining and Troubleshooting DNS
• Maintaining DNS Services
• Configuring Partitions and Scopes
• Managing Logging
• Checking the Client Configuration
• Troubleshooting DNS Server Issues

Lesson 7: Using WINS for Legacy Support
• WINS for Legacy Support
• Navigating and Understanding NetBIOS
• Deploying WINS
• Replication Partners
• Maintaining the WINS Database

Lesson 8: Deploying DHCP Services
• Working with DHCP
• Managing IP Addressing
• Failover Scope: Load Sharing
• Failover Scope: Fault Tolerance
• Deploying & Installing a DHCP Server
• Creating Scopes

Lesson 9: Configuring and Maintaining DHCP Services
• Managing TCP/IP Options
• Creating the Class
• Maintaining DHCP Servers
• Integrating DHCP with DNS

Lesson 10: Deploying Print Services
• Understanding Print Services
• Installing a Print Server
• Installing Network Printers
• Managing Printers

Lesson 11: Managing and Maintaining Print Services
• Configuring Printer Ports and Drivers
• Configuring Spooling
• Configuring Printer Sharing
• Configuring Queue Priority and Scheduling
• Using Separator Pages
• Managing Print Jobs

Length of Class: 
Two Days
Instructor-led or Online: 

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