Windows Server 2016: Installing & Configuring

About this Course
This two day class is the first in a series of Windows Server 2016 classes.  We cover solutions, workarounds, tips and insights to provide the most of the features and programs available –
• Deploying Full-Server and Server Core
• Deploying Nano Server and Windows Containers
• Managing Boot Configuration Data
• Working the Registry
• Configuring Roles and Features
• Managing Server Binaries
• Managing and Troubleshooting Hardware
• Performing Diagnostics and Troubleshooting

This class assumes experience with computer hardware and Windows Server operating system.

Course Outline

Deploying Windows Server 2016
• Getting a Quick Start
• Preparing for Installation
• Installing Windows Server 2016
• Performing Additional Tasks During Installation
• Troubleshooting
• Post-installation Tasks

Boot Configuration
• Navigating Server Firmware
• Boot Environment Essentials
• Managing Startup and Boot
• Managing Boot Configuration Data

Managing Windows Server 2016
• Working with Administration Tools
• Working with Server Manager
• Working with Computer Management System Tools

• Registry Essentials
• Navigating the Registry Structures
• Working with Keys & Values
• Working with Registry Data
• Registry Administration

Configuring Roles and Features
• Preparing Your Servers
• Installing Components with Server Manager
• Managing Server Binaries
• Installing Components at the Prompt

Managing and Troubleshooting Hardware
• Selecting Hardware Components
• Installing Devices
• Working with Device Drivers
• Managing Hardware

Troubleshooting Using the Event Logs
• Navigating the Event Logs
• Sorting, Finding and Filtering Events
• Archiving Event Logs
• Tracking Events using PowerShell
• Using Subscriptions and Forwarding

Performance Monitoring and Tuning
• Tuning Performance, Memory Usage, and Data Throughput
• Tracking a Systems’ General health
• Establishing Performance Baselines
• Performance Monitoring
• Resolving Performance Bottlenecks

Length of Class:
Two Days
Instructor-led or Online:

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