Email Management

One Day • Instructor-led

Keep your Inbox under Control. Enhance productivity. Save time. Access information quickly. This is everything e-mail once promised — before it became the labor-intensive, time-consuming daily grind it is today. You can get all the benefits back by following 50 simple steps. You can help your entire company get back on track.

Course Outline

Lesson 1: Taking Control of Incoming E-Mail
• Easing Congestion in Your Inbox
• Set Your Own Personal E-Mail Usage Policy
• Set Auto Send/Receive to Limit Interruptions
• Analyze Incoming Messages with a Critical Eye
• Don’t Succumb to an E-Mail Sender’s Crisis
• Acknowledge Legitimate E-Mail Promptly
• Set Up Folders to Organize E-Mail
• Purge Insignificant E-Mail at Day’s End
• Clear Inbox Clutter
• Reduce Spam Intake
• Delete Spam As Soon As It Arrives
• Subscribe with Care to E-Mail Lists
• Add a Smartphone to Your Management Toolbox
• Minimize Personal E-Mail Use at Work
• Assign a “Gatekeeper” to Handle Your E-Mail
• Challenge Yourself to Disconnect
• Check E-Mail on Sunday to Jump Start the Workweek

Lesson 2: Automating E-mail Management with Microsoft Outlook(r)
• Applying Outlook to Your Inbox
• Visit Microsoft Office Online for Expert Advice
• Skim Messages for Fast Action
• Flag Messages for Follow-Up
• Arrange Incoming Messages by Conversation
• Perform E-Mail Magic with the Rules Wizard
• Find E-Mail Quickly with Search Folders
• Archive E-Mail with Outlook

Lesson 3: Managing Your Outgoing E-Mail
• Respecting Others’ Time
• Determine the Right Medium for the Message
• E-Mail Less and Build Better Relationships
• Reply Courteously-and Sparingly
• Copy with Care
• Use Bcc to Control Replies
• Write Subject Lines with Real Oomph!
• Streamline Your Messages
• Set up an Electronic “Signature”
• Use Caution When Forwarding E-Mail
• Mind Your Electronic Manners
• Keep Instant Messaging (IM) Professional
• Don’t Be a BlackBerry Bully
• Send Business Records via Registered Email(r)

Lesson 4: Establishing Organizational E-Mail Management Policies
• Controlling Clutter by Controlling Employee E-Mail
• Set Limits on Personal E-Mail Use
• Establish an E-Mail Response-Time Policy