Two Days • Instructor-led


In this course, students will learn the basic skills for administration of a Windows server in a small to medium-sized environment.
Students will:

  • Install and configure a Windows server that supports Active Directory for basic authentication.
  • Create and manage user accounts and groups to facilitate authorization
  • Implement a network solution that includes DHCP static, reservation, and dynamic IP addresses.
  • Develop a sharing strategy based on best practices for files and printers.

Learning Objectives:

At the end of the is course, students will be able to:

  • Install a Windows based server
  • Configure Roles and Features
  • Create a simple Active Directory with users and groups
  • Install a workstation to facilitate remote management
  • Establish a network strategy to support the environment
  • Implement DHCP to pass out TCP/IP information
  • Establish file sharing and file security
  • Establish printer management
  • Assess disaster recovery options

Course Outline

Lesson 1: Server Installation

  • Pre/Post Installation Task
  • Disk Management
  • Server Manager Basics
  • Roles and Features

Lesson 2: Active Directory Installation

  • Installation Decision Points
  • User Account Management
    • Account Creation
    • Password Reset
    • Account Lockout
    • Enable/Disable Accounts

Lesson 3: Workstation Installation and Remote Management

  • Adding workstations to the domain
  • Authenticate with domain credentials
  • Install and configure remote server administration tools

Lesson 4: Networking

  • Install the DHCP Role
  • Create a DHCP Scope
  • Add TCP/IP options
  • Add reservations

Lesson 5: File Sharing

  • Create groups in Active Directory to facility file sharing
  • Establishing best practices with sharing files and folders with share and NTFS permissions.
  • Creating shared folders
  • Establishing NTFS permissions

Lesson 6: Printer Management

  • Installing and configuring a printer
  • Sharing a printer
  • Installing a remote printer

Lesson 7: Disaster Recovery

  • Windows Server Backup Option
  • Volume Shadow Copies