Analyzing and Presenting Data with Excel

Two Days • Instructor-led

Course Objectives:
This training will take the advanced Excel user through the steps of bringing data into Excel using Power Query, creating the data model, creating data visualizations, and presenting them with PowerPoint.

Course Outline

Lesson 1: Power Query Editor
The Power Query editor allows the user to connect to multiple data sources to create a unified presentation of the data.
• Connecting to files data sources
• Connecting server resources
• Shaping data
• Merging and appending data

Lesson 2: Data Model
The data model powers the visualization. It is developed with a series of simple/complex Excel formulas.
• Simple data model
• Complex data model
• Dynamic data model

Lesson 3: Data Visualizations
Data visualizations are charts. Charts can convey a meaning that cannot be gathered from looking at the numbers.
• Creating charts
• Modifying chart
• Data-driven chart labels

Lesson 4: Data Presentation
PowerPoint and Word have a unique relationship with Excel when it comes to presenting charts. It is the ability to have the data seamlessly update in the visual. This allows the consumer of the information to have a relatively updated version of the data.
• Linking charts
• Updating and modifying links