Power BI Report Builder

Two Days • Instructor Led

In this two-day course, students will develop basic reports in the Power BI Reporting environment. They will learn to connect to a data source – in this case an SQL server. We will cover how to shape data sets being pulled with table joins, filters, and groupings. Students will also learn how to connect to an SQL stored Procedure. They will work with the basic controls – table and lists.

On day two, students will develop advanced reports in the Power BI Reporting environment. Students will work with the list control and will learn how to work with two or more report controls on a single report to provide summary and detail information. They will enhance the summary/Detail report to allow the user to select a particular control to display – one report to handle multiple audiences. Additionally, they will learn how to work with sub reports to establish reusability and simplicity in report development.

Learning Objectives

At the end of this course, students will be able to:

  • Connect to a data source – specifically an SQL Server
  • Add a simple text query to create a dataset.
  • Use the query designer to create a dataset – include joins, filters, and grouping.
  • Implement a table control – including grouping and formulas
  • Implement a matrix control
  • Add a parameter filter to a data set and control
  • Develop reports using the list control.
  • Nest table controls in a list control.
  • Add two or more controls to a single report
  • Add a parameter that supports hiding and showing report controls
  • Develop sub-reports for report clarity and reusability

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