How to Present Your Best Virtual Self

Half-Day Ÿ Instructor-led

It is the norm now for employees to work remotely, which makes it critical for employees to present themselves effectively in virtual meetings, regardless of their out-of-office or at home-office environments.  Successful remote and teleworkers in virtual meetings need to have an awareness of their virtual presence and nonverbal communications.  This class is designed to help participants understand the issues and challenges of meeting remotely and provide specific methods and systems to ensure their success.

How to Present Your Best Virtual Self offers the fundamentals on how to show up, be present, and engage in virtual meetings.  Whether giving a presentation or participating online, the virtual setting poses greater challenges for businesses to effectively communicate within an organization and with clients.

This course will help participants gain awareness of the choices they can make for setting best practices, using nonverbal cues, establishing good posture, and improving their physical environment, among other factors that will bring greater success and productivity to their virtual workplaces. 

Course Objectives

Students will:

  • Gain an understanding of best practices and established norms for virtual meetings
  • Learn about healthy physical habits and good posture while spending time in front of a screen
  • Connect with their bodies and movements to transmit and maintain a presence in virtual settings
  • Learn how to encourage engagement with others through nonverbal communication
  • Gain self-awareness of expression and nonverbal cues that may be perceived negatively
  • Make effective choices about physical environment to improve how they appear to others on a screen
  • Employ effective nonverbal communication strategies that bring energy, focus, and intention to your presenting skills
  • Gain helpful tips on using Zoom tools to engage your audience