Building Better Teams

One Day • Instructor-led

Teams are the most important foundation on which successful organizations are built, and trainers who facilitate Teamwork: Building Better Teams as a one-day training course will help business leaders create effective, motivated, and productive teams. This courseware has been designed to impart to workplace leaders the value of working as a team.
These team builders will learn to: develop and enforce team norms and ground rules; generate and approach contracts; identify their own unique style and represent that in their team dynamic; leverage their knowledge to grow and lead effectively; build trust and develop the team’s maturity as a unit; and communicate with presence and impact.

Course Outline

Lesson 1: Defining Teams

Lesson 2: Establishing Team Norms

  • Characteristics of Teams
  • Ground Rules
  • Team Contracts

Session 3: Working as a Team

Session 4: Your Team Player Type

  • What’s Your Team Player Type?
  • What Does it Mean To Have a Number?
  • My Team Style

Session 5: Building Team Trust

  • Why is Trust Important?
  • Building Trust

Session 6: The Stages of Team Development

Session 7: Team Building with TORI

Session 8: Communication

  • Defining Communication
  • Listening Skills

Session 9: Becoming a Good Team Player

  • Personal Action Plan