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Latest Posts:

  • Presenting Your Best Virtual Self – A Free, 45-minute Webinar [Video]
    Join us for this free 45 minute seminar covering tips and tricks for presenting your best virtual self. You will learn ways to improve your communication effectiveness and online presence. Participants will gain an awareness of their physical environment, body language and non-verbal cues, as well as gaining helpful tips to engage your audience when […]
  • 3 Ways to Respond to Difficult Behavior
    Why do we argue? Why can’t everyone agree? Why are some people just… difficult? Challenging interactions have been with us since the dawn of humanity, they are a part of the fabric of the Human Experience. But boy are they hard! There is one pivotal concept that must be accepted before any one of us […]
  • Office 365 and Backups, DON’T Lose Your Data!
    Microsoft 365 is a great platform for connecting a team across wide distances. However, Microsoft only commits to providing you access to your data, they do not provide guarantees that it is backed up. What if you accidentally delete a file from OneDrive? What if an employee quits and you lose access to their Outlook […]
  • For those using Office 365 or are considering implementing Office 365 email, please read the following:
    There are known attacks against Office 365 that can compromise associated email accounts. Basically, hackers take over someone else’s email account through Office 365.  Hackers may send out spam to directly to attack an individual or company. Another common attack is to contact a company’s customers while impersonating high-level employees to get the customer to […]
  • Leadership Institute Class – Update
    If your organization is like most, you promote from within.  Often employees are promoted to supervisory roles because they are good at their job, with little to no training.  Vermont Panurgy’s 3 day Leadership Institute was developed to address this need. Our next sessions will be running on March 18-20 (only 1 seat available) and […]

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