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Vermont Panurgy COVID-19 Response

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Latest Posts:

  • How Many IT Companies Does it Take?
    You all have heard the old joke, told in numerous permutations, starting with the simple task of screwing in a lightbulb. If you’ve been following business and government news over the weekend, you probably heard about the security breach at SolarWinds, an IT company that services clients from Government Agencies to Fortune 500 companies. I…
  • “I Didn’t Send That!” Domain Impersonation and You
    How many of you were affected by the #Ransomware attack on the UVM Medical Center’s IT network last week? Whether it was a delayed or cancelled appointment, an issue with work orders and partnerships, or just dropped communication, this type of attack is a tragically real example of the importance of network security. One of the biggest…
  • The Human Element of IT Security
    Firewalls. Backups. Anti-Virus. Device Management. There are many tools in the IT professional’s toolbox for protecting technology from the threats of the internet. Unfortunately, even the most protected devices are only as secure as the humans that use them. No amount of software is going to prevent a user from clicking on a link in…
  • Technical Support for COVID-impacted Businesses – Funds Available!
    Vermont Panurgy has been selected as an Approved Vendor in the Restart Vermont Technical Assistance (#ReVTA) program! Vermont Panurgy is able to offer services for Technology & Software Assistance (including, but not limited to: remote work setups; system design; installation; support of computers, network infrastructure and equipment, network security; 24×7 monitoring; remediation, anti-virus protections; and…
  • Presenting Your Best Virtual Self – A Free, 45-minute Webinar [Video]
    Join us for this free 45 minute seminar covering tips and tricks for presenting your best virtual self. You will learn ways to improve your communication effectiveness and online presence. Participants will gain an awareness of their physical environment, body language and non-verbal cues, as well as gaining helpful tips to engage your audience when…

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