Facilitation Skills

One Day • Instructor-led

How can you facilitate, rather than control, group decision-making and team interaction?

Facilitation is the key to leading organized teams to greater productivity. With its focus on asking rather than telling, and listening to build consensus, facilitation is the core competency everybody needs.

Course Goals:

  • Understand why empowered teams benefit modern organizations
  • Increase participation and efficiency of work teams.
  • Develop your skills of feedback and clarification.
  • Use the six-step problem solving process for making decisions.
  • Improve effectiveness of decision making.
  • Gain tools for facilitation

Course Outline

Lesson 1: Understanding Facilitation

  • Background: The Transformation of U.S. Industry
  • Why Facilitation?
  • What Facilitators Do
  • How Facilitation Differs from Training and Presenting
  • The Facilitator: Managing Structure, Not Content

Lesson 2: Team Involvement, Decision Making, and Dynamics

  • Encouraging Participation
  • Rules for Asking Nonthreatening Questions
  • Types of Questions to Ask
  • Body Language and Facilitation
  • Making Decisions
  • Six-Step Problem-Solving Process
  • Getting Group Agreement
  • The Importance of Preparation
  • Running an Effective Team Meeting
    Team Life Cycles
  • Handling Difficult Team Members
  • What If the Group Still Gets Stuck?

Lesson 3: Facilitation Tools

  • Essential Tools
  • Conclusion

Lesson 4: Cross Facilitation

  • Exercise: Test Your Memory
  • Example of Fast-Food Flowchart
  • Crossword Puzzle Solution

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