A company crazy about chocolate, serious about people, uses Microsoft Teams to build personal relationships

Dutch startup Tony’s Chocolonely grew out of a journalist’s exposé of child slave labor in the cocoa industry and his dream of making the chocolate trade slavery-free. The Amsterdam-based company grew quickly, but its original collaboration apps didn’t support its international expansion or its work-life balance ideals. Teams enables Tony’s Chocolonely workers to communicate on a personal level with their colleagues in Europe, America, and Africa. Adding telephony capabilities makes it even more powerful, with everything available in one single interface.

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Job Opportunity: Course Instructor

Vermont Panurgy is hiring! We’re looking for part-time instructors to join our team to teach Microsoft Office PC applications (Word, Excel, Outlook, etc), Professional development training (i.e. Delegation Skills, Conflict Management, etc), Adobe graphics applications and internet applications (Javascript, HTML, WordPress, etc), both in-person and virtually through Zoom. Do you like to train? Do you have a flexible schedule? Click the link below to learn more and send us your resume and letter of interest!


Law firm runs better with server on Azure

Why run Windows Server on Azure? Ellen Kirby, senior manager of Technical Operations and senior enterprise architect at Bradley Arant Boult Cummings LLP, talks about the benefits of running the law firm’s Windows Servers on Azure and about leveraging Windows Admin Center for better management and automation.